Partners in ministry


Monthly supporters are the key to the WVRS ministry. 


There are several ways you can become a supporter of this ministry:

By mail or in person

    WVRS 90.1 The Point

    7714 Main Street
    Middletown, Virginia 22645

Be sure to include a note! Your encouragement is always welcome.

Feel free to stop by and drop off your support. 

We always welcome visitors and look forward to meeting our listeners!

Automatic support

    Automatic Debit From Your Bank Account

    Bill Pay is quicker and easier than writing and mailing paper checks.


You're in control!

    Schedule one-time or recurring payments from your debit or credit card account

    or we can still accept checks or money orders.

    Call The Point at 540.508.2657 or 540.508.2658.

    We can accept your debit/credit card payments by phone.


We have so many ways we want to say 
thank you. The Point prayer mug is just one of them!

Monthly supporters are enjoying their prayer mugs. With each use, they pray for this ministry, our staff & volunteers,

and you their fellow 90.1 listeners.

Get yours now, and with that first cup of the day, you will be joining others in prayer for one another and this mission.

We are truly in ministry together!

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